Medical Skin Peels

Incredible long-lasting results

Look and feel your very best with a professional medical skin peel - a highly-effective anti-ageing treatment for improving and maintaining skin health.

The ancient Egyptians used to bathe in milk to rejuvenate their skin. Today our approach is a little more scientific. Gently exfoliate away dead cells and nourish your skin with a peel blend to suit your skin condition or concerns.

At Botastic MediSpa, each medical skin peel is tailored to the individual, their skin tone and bone structure. Our highly-acclaimed private clinic always has a qualified prescriptive nurse on site to oversee the treatment which uses medical-grade products to deliver firmer skin, a youthful glow and incredible results lasting for months.

non Non-Surgical Facelifts
non Non-Surgical Facelifts

Medical Skin Peel Specialists

At Botastic MediSpa, you’re always in the experienced hands of highly-trained medical professionals, who combine healthcare knowledge with extensive training to deliver remarkable peel results. Our professional service includes:

  • Complete end-to-end service – luxurious treatments for all skin types.
  • Prescription procedure combined with administering treatments.
  • Comprehensive consultation –specify your desired results.
  • Discreet, private practice – no need to see anyone during visit.
  • Flexible funding available – waste no time making dreams come true.
  • Out of hours support – expert help and advice at end of phone.
  • Free two-week check-up – lets skin settle and highlights areas of concern.

What's Included in the Price?

Medical skin peel prices start from just £75 but an accurate fixed-price quote will be provided after assessment at an initial consultation.

All fees include:

  • Preliminary appointment and medical consultation
  • Medical skin peel costs
  • Administering the injections
  • Follow-up appointment and review (if necessary)
  • Out of hours support
Eve Bird

Medical Skin Peel Benefits

Stimulate new cell growth

Rejuvenate the appearance of tired, sagging or ageing skin by removing dead cells with chemicals to encourage the natural growth of new tissue.

Improve skin appearance

Reduce age spots and even out your skin tone to defy the effects of growing older and make your face appear more youthful.

Words from Our Clients

    "I underwent a luxury facial in July. From the start and being welcomed by Tracey to the treatment itself I must say the whole experience was excellent. It was so lovely I’ve booked another and I’m looking forward to more pampering in around 2 weeks time”

    Julie Brown

    “As always an absolute fantastic experience with Eve. She is so clever and has the lightest, most delicate touch. I cant recommend Botastic highly enough. Eve is a genius!!"

    Sophie Sharpe

    "My partner and I frequent the clinic regularly and are always very satisfied with the results. The customer service and after care is exceptional. Have highly recommended this clinic to a lot of our friends and family and they are also very happy with the care and attention they receive."

    Dan Bamber

    "Always a good experience. Eve is the ultimate professional. Having tried a number of aesthetic professionals over the years I am delighted to say Eve is a keeper!!”


    "Love coming to see Eve at Botastic. The new premises are beautiful. Such a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Very clean and immaculately presented. Eve is always so welcoming. With a super friendly smile and extensive knowledge on all she does, Eve provides an exceptionally professional service with fabulous results."

    Kerry Elgie-Jones

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