The Use of Botox in Medicine - Can Botox Cure Headaches?

The Use of Botox in Medicine - Can Botox Cure Headaches?

I have been a busy bee, and since mentioning that Botox cleared my headaches I’ve been doing a little bit of research into its history and benefits, and my, the results are amazing.

It’s a coincidence that this weekend, this workaholic took three whole days off from the internet to trawl round Alton Towers and then the Trentham monkey forest. A coincidence because Monkeys were the first animal to benefit from the wonderful substance and not because of the smoothing effects of their skin (although they do have wrinkly faces – one reminded me spookily of my gran), but because of medical procedures to cure headaches and rectify cross eyes!

Botox for Migraines

See! I knew I wasn’t going insane when I declared my migraines had stopped.

AS the use of Botox progressed, boffins decided to try it on humans, they discovered in its purified form side effects were extremely rare, and if any at all, they were easily treatable. Rapid blinking also benefitted from an injection of Botox, and they found that Botox was a great treatment at the point of site for excessive sweating.

However, they realized the treatment lasted 4-6 months, and had cross eyed patients who’d been enjoying seeing straight down a road instead of round the corners, returning and complaining that the effects had worn off.

Botox for Adult Ailments

Botox is now used medically for a number of ailments in people over twelve years old; in fact you may have had Botox and not even realized it! It’s used for asthma, muscle spasms (such as when you need stitches and the muscle must stay still), motor neuron syndrome, excessive sweating, and has even helped a disabled man to walk again by limiting the spasms he endured in his legs after a stroke.

It’s also used for squints, bladder control, a multitude of genital illnesses, practically any disease relating to the muscles, and incontinence.

Botox is FDA Approved!

The most astounding news I found was that Botox is now FDA approved for treating chronic migraines.

My suspicions confirmed I am a happy bunny but wish I’d cottoned on a few years ago. What better substance is this, that can not only make you look sexier, but make you feel sexier too. The line, “not tonight love, I’ve got a headache” will never be uttered again in our house due to the wonderful team at Hylagen and all that they gave to me.

So if you’re suffering from migraines day after day tell your doctor about Botox and book yourself into to see Eve at Botastic - see you there!

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