Botox Parties Lead to Big Botox Hangovers

It sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

A party that will please all of your friends, add a touch of luxury to proceedings and leave everyone looking younger. After all who can beat the hostess that gives the gift of youth?

Answer: The hostess that actually cares about her guests!

For decades women have enjoyed pamper days, lingerie parties and girlie get togethers where they leave with polished nails, new kitchen Tupperware or treats to make them feel sexy.

The Botox party seems to be a step up from this, more expensive of course, but guests leave looking like a whole new woman.

This picture was taken just this weekend, by us, when travelling in the back of a Black Cab in Liverpool. Along with the damage it does to the aesthetic industry reputation, it’s also very worrying for the ladies of Merseyside who could fall for this illegal advertising.

Remember! Botox is a prescription drug and as such cannot be advertised for sale. It’s not sold, it’s prescribed and prescriptions are ONLY given to those who complete a full medical consultation to ensure it’s SAFE for them and their body!

In theory it sounds like a dream come true, in reality it can be your worst nightmare.

Here’s why:

From a consumer point of view, from that of a guest attending a Botox party, you leave yourself wide open to a mountain of risks.

Such as:

Bleeding profusely – there’s a reason why alcohol and medicine don’t mix and Botox IS a prescription only medicine

Wonky results – The people that give the injections at these Botox parties have little conscience, if they did they’d be bothered that it’s legally, morally and ethically wrong. In a lot of cases the injector joins in with the party, some have even been known to declare that they are more confident injecting Botox after a glass of wine.

Before and Aftercare – By law you need a full medical consultation at least 24 hours before Botox. You have a prescription written specifically for you after all and there are side effects that may be rare, but the reason this drug is regulated.

Without the consultation, you are leaving yourself wide open to harm while receiving someone else’s prescription. You wouldn’t do that with heart medication?

The people who inject Botox at parties rarely have proper clinics, and even if they do they don’t have the time to see ten people a few weeks later for the necessary follow ups. Everyone reacts differently to Botox, that’s why follow ups are needed as you may need a little more to even out the results. If you end up with half a wrinkle free face, you’ll have to find a real professional to correct the mistakes.

Peer Pressure – It’s funny that while sober, you never considered Botox then suddenly, after a few glasses of wine you think, “why not, everyone else is doing it.” No medical procedure should ever be carried out as a result of peer pressure or to someone under the influence of alcohol it’s just wrong, on so many levels.

From an Industry POV

In the industry we despise Botox parties for all of the above reasons and more. They give those of us that follow the procedure and law a bad name and bring about results that are hard for us to swallow.The people performing these parties care about the money and not the patient. This leaves us, the people that put the patient first, frustrated.

At Botastic, Eve began the clinic as an extension of her medical skills, to bring confidence to women and men through professional aesthetics and treatments. The patient is always at the core of every procedure, as it’s only by understanding the person behind the face can Eve deliver results that build self-esteem from the inside out.

The NMC and BACN frown upon Botox parties for the obvious reasons, but the resources are currently lacking to bring them all to an end.In the meantime, we urge you to think before you have Botox in Hull at a party as a ten minute procedure could have lifelong consequences especially if delivered under the influence of alcohol.

Words from Our Clients

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    Julie Brown

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