All You Need to Know About Thread Face Lifts

What is a Thread Face Lift?

Thread Lifts are known by other names such as the silhouette face lift or the contour lift. Each one works on the same premise and uses a similar technique.

Threads are carefully placed under the skin in the place where they will lift the structure of the face, supporting the skin from the inside and providing a solution to sagging jowls or deep ingrained wrinkles.

In short, they are scaffolding for your face. If done correctly, they will not only tighten and lift the face, they will also encourage regeneration of your skin’s natural collagen while eliminating unwanted fat deposits that can collect in jowls or around the eye area.

It’s always best to have a full consultation beforehand so Eve can explain just how the threads would work for your face and the results you can expect afterwards.

How Long Does it Take for a Thread Face Lift to Work?

It can take up to three months for a thread face lift to show results but these results last for up to five years ( this depends on the thread used, be sure to ask Eve if you have any questions) making it a very cost effective treatment. The threads work with your skin’s own chemistry to deliver a natural younger looking appearance.

Does a Thread Lift Hurt?

Threads are placed under the skin to a depth recommended by your health professional. The deeper the threads the tighter the pinch but that’s all it is. It hurts no more than a single injection of Botox and is over within seconds. At our Hull clinic we’ll always use anaesthetic cream liberally beforehand so in many instances you won’t feel a thing?

Will I Still Need Botox after a Thread Lift in Hull?

Botox works differently to a thread lift as it paralyses the muscles you use to create wrinkles. It can also be used around the eye area where threads may not be suitable. Depending on the affect you’d like to achieve, you may still need Botox for the brow and eye area. A thread lift will stimulate collagen whereas Botox will not.

Can Any Botox Clinic in Hull Give Me a Thread Lift?

It requires a lot of training and a deep understanding of medicine to deliver a thread lift bespoke to the client’s specifications. The point of entry and the direction of the threads depends on the skin’s tone, condition and the client’s age and previous treatments.

There are also various threads available from normal suture type threads to screws, that eliminate fat while supporting the skin, only a true medical professional will understand the science behind each in order to deliver the most effective and natural looking treatment.

What Areas of the Face Can Thread Lifts Help?

Thread lifts can help many areas of the face such as:

  • The Brow Line
  • The Jowls (Ideal for lifting jowls, see Martina’s blog, here)
  • The Neckline
  • The Cheeks (Ideal for contouring and plumping)
  • The Nose (Ideal for conditions such as nasal flare)
  • Nasolabial Folds – (Great for reducing deep folds at the cheeks)

Where Can I Have a Thread Face Lift in Hull?

We provide all types of thread lifts at our clinic in Hull, alongside our clinic in Scarborough when booked in advance. Please contact us if you are considering this treatment and we’ll answer any concerns you have. You can always be confident of high quality products being used on your face with Botastic. Please don’t accept cheap, harmful, substitutions.

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

Thread lifts vary depending on how many areas of the face you’d like treated and the time it takes for a medical professional to administer the treatment.

At Botastic, our prices include a full consultation, administering of the product, the product itself (Botox, Threads, and Dermal Fillers) and Aftercare.

Can I Watch a Video of Thread Lifts or Other Botastic Treatments?

We will soon be launching our channel where you can gain access to our new clinic and see the treatments being administered by Eve, our highly qualified medical professional.

Words from Our Clients

    "I underwent a luxury facial in July. From the start and being welcomed by Tracey to the treatment itself I must say the whole experience was excellent. It was so lovely I’ve booked another and I’m looking forward to more pampering in around 2 weeks time”

    Julie Brown

    “As always an absolute fantastic experience with Eve. She is so clever and has the lightest, most delicate touch. I cant recommend Botastic highly enough. Eve is a genius!!"

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