All You Need to Know About Chemical Peels

Eve performs many chemical peels a week while undergoing this fantastic treatment herself. It’s become one of the most popular treatments in our Botox Clinic on Anlaby Road and shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s what you need to know!

Could a Chemical Peel Save My Skin?

Chemical Peels are becoming more and more popular for those worried about their complexions. When carried out in a professional, sterile environment, by a medical expert, they can deliver incredible results and make skin appear more youthful and smooth.

You can see the before and after pictures Eve has posted of herself enjoying the effects of the Chemical Peel, the very same one she uses on our clients in the Botox Clinic in Hull, now on Anlaby Road!

Will a Chemical Peel Treat Wrinkles?

A chemical peel is not normally chosen to combat wrinkles, especially at our Botox clinic as there are so many other, effective treatments that give long lasting relief from fine line and wrinkles. If you are considering treatments for wrinkles in Hull, contact Eve for bespoke advice or browse through our website.

A chemical peel is often chosen to help with the overall appearance of skin, the common problems we all see with our complexions throughout puberty or as we age. It can smooth out age spots, balance the natural pH of the skin, it can tackle the T-Zone, it can treat (when the right peel is chosen and administered) acne.

It provides great results and makes the skin and dermis itself seem more youthful and natural.

Does a Chemical Peel Hurt?

The most you will feel with a chemical peel is a tingling sensation, much like menthol on your skin. You will have completed a full consultation with Eve beforehand so she will be aware of any allergies.

Is There Anything I Should Avoid After a Chemical Peel in Hull?

We always recommend staying away from sunbeds at Botastic, especially after treatments or a chemical peel. Your skin will be more sensitive and won’t be able to protect you against unnatural UV rays.

You should drink plenty of water after a chemical peel too, not only for the health benefits but because this helps your skin to rejuvenate and can double the effects of the chemical peel.

How Long Does a Chemical Peel Take?

If you book a chemical peel at our Botox Clinic in Hull, you can expect to spend up to an hour in our clinic. It’s very relaxed and friendly and we want you to feel at ease, so see it as a pampering session rather than a peel!

Words from Our Clients

    "I underwent a luxury facial in July. From the start and being welcomed by Tracey to the treatment itself I must say the whole experience was excellent. It was so lovely I’ve booked another and I’m looking forward to more pampering in around 2 weeks time”

    Julie Brown

    “As always an absolute fantastic experience with Eve. She is so clever and has the lightest, most delicate touch. I cant recommend Botastic highly enough. Eve is a genius!!"

    Sophie Sharpe

    "My partner and I frequent the clinic regularly and are always very satisfied with the results. The customer service and after care is exceptional. Have highly recommended this clinic to a lot of our friends and family and they are also very happy with the care and attention they receive."

    Dan Bamber

    "Always a good experience. Eve is the ultimate professional. Having tried a number of aesthetic professionals over the years I am delighted to say Eve is a keeper!!”


    "Love coming to see Eve at Botastic. The new premises are beautiful. Such a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Very clean and immaculately presented. Eve is always so welcoming. With a super friendly smile and extensive knowledge on all she does, Eve provides an exceptionally professional service with fabulous results."

    Kerry Elgie-Jones